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4+11-10: Course First Aid with the help of Homeopathy (Den Haag)

4+11-10: Course First Aid with the help of Homeopathy (Den Haag)


HomeopathieAre you a person who doesn't visit a doctor for every small inconvenience?Do you believe in the self-healing ability of the body?Do you think that many diseases can be treated by means of natural remedies?In that case I've got an interesting offer for you!My name is Mariëtte Krol. I am a classic homeopath in The Hague/ Scheveningen.In October I'll give a compact but complete course in First Aid with the help of homeopathy.This course will give you:

  1. A theoretical knowledge of how homeopathy works
  2. Your own great first-aid kit with 37 homeopatic remedies
  3. Knowledge about how to quickly choose the right remedie for sportsinjuries, headaches,fever, gut and stomachproblems, coughs, abrasions, bruises, bites and stings, burns, motionsickness and more...
  4. A handy reference book


Wednesday October 4 and 11, 2023


19.30-21.30 p.m. Walk in from 19.15


Mariëtte Krol

Westduinweg 14072583 BA Den Haag ( Scheveningen)


Price: € 125,00 ( coffee/tea and biscuits included)


Please register before September 24!To enrol and for more information:info@homespectrum.nltel. 06-40233172



Extra information:

Free parking when I register your license plate.

Trams 1,11,17 and bus 22 are nearby.

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Attentie: In verband met onze feestdagensluiting worden bestellingen die na dinsdag 22 december zijn geplaatst en betaald vanaf 6 januari verzonden.